Since I first came online in the mid 1990s, I've been writing about my life. My blog has taken on many forms as things come and go. This is the latest iteration.

Here is a rough timeline of its development, with annotations.

A curated selection of older articles are being imported from my archives as time and interest permit. I have not yet curated items written between late 2007 and 2011, which was the bulk of my FOSS contributions to KDE.

There are currently 75 articles published, and 233 in my archives.

What is hackerbots?

This is one of my creative outlets. The content is free-form and has various purposes.

Sometimes its a soapbox. Sometimes I celebrate my polyamorous relationships and write for the ones that I love.

Other times I'll talk about engineering and art. Or wherever I find myself. My location at any point in time is best described as "easy to find, hard to predict".

Once in a while I'll get dark and moody, but this is my outlet and I can use it for support.

Hackerbots is a side-effect of me.

I start writing with volume, in the town I was raised.
23 May 2005 25XX Sheffield Rd, Jefferson, Ohio How to Dual Boot Fedora and Windows XP

This is the earliest writing I've published.

18 Jul 2006 GMWiki is official

I launched a wiki for users of Game Maker

12 Nov 2006 Robosapien Flamethrower

First hardware hack I was proud to share

I'd now moved to Akron, Ohio for college and been contributing to FOSS for a year
14 Feb 2007 University of Akron, Akron, Ohio ESD and You

15 Jul 2007 Twitter Plasma Data Engine

27 Mar 2011 Rippit - The No-Nonsense media ripper

07 Nov 2011 Rippit

I got it in my head to start a hackerspace, having never done it before.
07 Feb 2012 An experiment in space building

How my hackerspace was structured

24 Feb 2012 Forking SYNHAK: The Bylaws

The current iteration starts
21 Mar 2014 Akron, Ohio New Blog

08 Jul 2014 RIP SYNHAK

A learning experience

And then I ended up in San Francisco, where I decided to just not get on the plane home.
16 Jul 2014 Moving to San Francisco

05 Aug 2014 buildenv

24 Aug 2014 Ripple Labs

In which I infiltrate the tech startup industry

14 Dec 2014 Five months into SF

I'd now been living in the Bay Area for a good while and started to settle in
18 Dec 2014 AFK On Holiday

Cross country trains

23 Dec 2014 31C3 Bastion Host

31 Dec 2014 We had a grand time, Ohio

25 Jan 2015 Where are they now: 31C3 Chromebook

An update on my anonymizer laptop

02 Feb 2015 The watering and care of your tdfischer

14 Feb 2015 Teaching CPP at Noisebridge

I started to get into LED arts
02 Mar 2015 Skylighting

LED arts at Noisebridge

14 Mar 2015 Decentralization within the Session Layer

17 Mar 2015 yaksay

12 Apr 2015 Burnout


19 Apr 2015 Five Minutes of Fame

26 Apr 2015 Linux Fest NorthWest

My idea of spring break is some wanderlust ending in a Linux conference

29 May 2015 Organizing an Unconference

I had no idea how much Portland would change me
01 Jun 2015 Portland

14 Jun 2015 A Wedding

20 Jun 2015 Portland, Continued


I Ejected from my toxic job in cryptocurrency
08 Aug 2015 Another Othermachinist

In which an avocado and a visit to Open Source Bridge changed my life

27 Aug 2015 Going to see The Man

21 Sep 2015 the complexity inherent in humans

Just Poly Things

27 Sep 2015 You can't be good at poly, you can just get better.

Another Fucking Learning Experience

And finally got tired of the hypercapitalism of San Francisco
03 Oct 2015 San Francisco wears me down

17 Oct 2015 settling in

A place I can finally call home

18 Oct 2015 scanit 0.0.1

28 Oct 2015 What a new oakland hackerspace might look like

15 Nov 2015 My Pivot: Year Two

24 Nov 2015 Rain


29 Nov 2015 Telekinesis

18 Dec 2015 Leading a science focused team

2015 was pretty rough. 2016 looks to be The Year of Many Good Things
30 Dec 2015 Holiday 2015

15 Jan 2016 The Out Of Band

21 Jan 2016 2016 Resolutions

Self improvement

01 Feb 2016 PTO 0.1.0

07 Feb 2016 PTO 0.2.0

22 Feb 2016 I am my medical history

The economics of trans healthcare

13 Mar 2016 PTO 0.3.0 - Carburetor

03 Apr 2016 The Annex, Toronto, ON, CA Snowy Toronto

09 Apr 2016 Ontario, Canada Untitled

11 Apr 2016 Human Rescue Plan

03 May 2016 The Snake People's Rise to Power

22 May 2016 I try to accomplish

23 Jun 2016 Requiem for a capitalist society

16 Sep 2016 Balance

14 Nov 2016 The Rubicon

03 Feb 2017 Whats next

20 Jun 2017 Pivot Two

29 Aug 2017 Smoke in here

04 Oct 2017 A lead cloak

25 Oct 2017 Two weeks in

30 Dec 2017 South Los Angeles Law and Order

09 Jun 2018 Karaoke

25 Sep 2018 Culture for whomst

20 Dec 2018 A Politics of Abundancy

30 Dec 2018 2019 Resolutions

11 Mar 2023 Berlin, huh?

27 Mar 2023 Weekend update - 27.3.23

03 Apr 2023 btw I am a dj

12 Apr 2023 Easter Cycling

17 Apr 2023 Elite Dangerous + OBS

24 Apr 2023 Management and Moderation

11 May 2023 Ein jahr in Deutschland

Currently tilting at some other windmill, probably.