I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area on July 5th, 2014. That was nearly 5 years ago.

Life keeps happening. And I've felt adrift, in some ways.

This past week, I went home to Akron, Ohio with the intent of preparing my house to be rented out to a friend from long ago. Extenuating circumstances have pushed me to act on it, finally.

Its been about 5 years since we last met. X holds a special place in my world that still gives me great warmth and light when I go there; the kind that comes from the love I have for my family.

What started out as a reasonably well planned adventure to my home ended up as something completely different. Half my time I lived in Cleveland on C's guest bed. For other half, I was on X's couch in my Akron neighborhood. And we all got together, again, to clean out my garage. A few others joined us in various ways, and, well, fuck.

There is a whole different set of problems from the Bay Area. I am highly motivated to tackle some of them, again. SYNHAK started out as a conduit for idea to give people the tools they needed to make tools for self-sufficiency and self-actualization, whatever that may mean for you.

Begin on an economic endeavor. Realize your true self. Make fuckin' weird art.

Build a family.

They aren't even hard problems. Its a lack of catalytic material. There's a need for this kind of glue, a glue that pulls Northeast Ohio back together. Manufacturing is in our DNA. The City of Invention is full of clever people who just need that energy to kick something free and start a chain reaction of world-changing bullshit. I was that five years ago. We all were. But now we've had time to think about it. I've learned some lessons with five years on the knobs of East Bay for Everyone, Noisebridge, and Local Politics.

I plan to return; later this year, K and I will attempt to have a holiday in Akron, Cleveland, and wherever else we go between landing and security. We'll be bringing our bikes and developing the intimate familiarization with a city you can get from only that perspective.

Rubber City, Ho.