First hardware hack I was proud to share

If you have a robosapien, you probably thought it was pretty cool when you got it, right? Then, it lost its fun value. I mean, really now. You can only watch the same exact dance a set number of times before wanting to kill a small animal. So what to do? Make it into a weapon of course.



  • At least 6" of 1/4" metal tubing
  • A drill, with a 1/4" bit
  • A good length of plastic tubing, with 1/4" inner diameter.
  • Phillips screwdriver (+)
  • A Robosapien
  • Small regular screwdriver (the flat kind)
  • A torch that uses cans of MAPP or propane gas.


  • A drill bit somewhere around 1/2", preferably matching the plastic tube's outer diameter
  • Small needle nose pliers
  • Paint (Like fingerpaint or art paint. Latex is overkill here.) Whiteout is a good substitue.

Disassembling the arm

First, pick an arm. I prefer the one with the long fingers. Then, take off the screws holding it together (if you want to, you can take the body casing off too). One half will slip right off. Now, take the hand and pull it straight up out of its grove a little. Jiggle it around in a few directions to get it out of that black thing the motor uses to open the hands. Unplug the sensor and the led. Next, take the brown cap off of the end of the LED's wires. There are two caps, one over wire, the other over the one over the wires. You won't break them, or use the LED again for that matter. Cut the wires if you are lazy. Now, take the regular screwdriver and pry the black cap off surrounding the LED. Slide the LED out.

Installing the pipe

Now, take your 1/4" bit, and put it on the inside (inside-the-casing side) on that white shaft inside a...white shaft. Hold it steady, apply liberal force, and drill. You will not break the spring if you go straight down in. The plastic just peels away in large spiral chunks. Once you are out the other side, pull it out while still holding the trigger (don't switch directions of the drill bit), and dig around in there with that small regular screwdriver to fish out all the large chunks of plastic in there. The needle nose pliers would work if they realy small enough, or you can grab the large chunks that should be hanging around the exit wound. They probably aren't completely free yet. Now, take your metal tube, insert it (inside-the-casing side first worked for me), and push it in so that on the inside, there is about 2" of pipe sticking out. Now, bend it at about 80 degrees up ('down' has a little tab on the rim of the hand) 1cm from the entry wound. The pliers would work well here, as you can finely make a sharp angle.

Reattach the hand

Insert the hand back into its place, by taking the metal tube and putting it in the black thing sideways (it has a notch) and twisting it into place, then seating it in the grove. Make sure that the arm motion that opens and closes the hand still works. If not, bend the tube away from the motor more. Put some paint (if available) on the end of the tube. Now, take your cover for the arm, and put it into position, so that the tube hits it where it would be going through. Take your drill bit (The one with the diameter of the outside of the plastic tube) and drill a hole through the paint.

Install the tube

Drill it out so that the hose can fit through (I doubt you got it right the first time.), and put it over the metal tube. Insert plastic hose (or vise versa).


Attach the hose to the torch head with some duct tape (my hose was the exact diameter of the torch (3/4"))

Now, turn on the gas, and light the tube!