LED arts at Noisebridge

Since the beginning of the Noisebridge Reboot, I've been fixin' to have a space for artistic expression. I'm usually one to show up at a problem with a solution, which in my instance has been to build out Noisebridge. As part of the Reboot, all of the walls in the space were painted with white primer and all of the artwork taken down. This left behind a grand canvas for exploration.

In the space, I've begun to illuminate the skylights with RGB LED strips, and hooking them up to the 'net with wireless radios. At the moment, I have three strips installed within Noisebridge. The above video is the one near the Church classroom. The other two are here, at the front door:

They're part of a bigger project that is being built for some thing out in the desert. Right now, here's what they do:

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Not much else. My spoons have been reallocated to focus on other projects, like Noisebridge's current push for fundraising, some more involvement at $dayjob, and seasonal depression. Eventually they'll start to talk to each other using graviton-arduino, and with a base station of sorts that speaks regular graviton