About five months ago, I moved to San Francisco for gainful employment. Since then I've gotten around quite a bit and have settled in even more. Neat milestones:

  • Helped reboot Noisebridge
  • Drove my car from Akron, Ohio to Oakland, California
  • Bay Area Hackerspace Consortium unconference
  • Had fun in Journey to the End of the Night
  • Big Ripple Labs open house
  • Got burnt out of Noisebridge
  • Walked around the mission district with Unsilent Night
  • Experienced two seasons in San Francisco
  • Got a couch

In a few days, i'll be boarding an Amtrak train back to Cleveland, where I'll spend a few days unwinding in Akron. Afterwards, its a flight to Hamburg for 31C3, back in Akron in time for First Night, and back in Oakland a few days later.