Last month, I won a ticket to OpenSourceBridge from an avocado on the internet..

My life is a bit weird.

Even so, I'm taking this as a good opportunity to go off and do a thing that vaguely sounds like what I want to do.

I haven't actually thought much about going to Open Source Bridge for some reason. Must've misled myself into thinking that I'm still "settling in" out here. Doesn't explain Linux Fest Northwest, but so it goes.

I'll be taking a train into Portland the week before with my new folding bike. I had taken my older bike under my own eyes for replacing the brakes when I saw that my rear forks were just a little bit bent. Having owned this bike for a long number of years, it was really starting to show it. In a fit of consumerism, I forked up for a shiny new Tern D-16.

caw caw caw

Also took the chance to update my helmet and lighting.

I plan on using it as my main method of transport while up there. This is actually my first time travelling with a bike, or even biking while on travel. Exciting!

At the same time, Open Source Bridge looks just as exciting! Five whole days of Free Software hackers, and super interesting sessions. Very much looking forward towards this upcoming adventure.