Today I'd like to introduce the world to the 0.0.1 release of scanit.

Scanit is a small tool for scanning sequences of documents and saving them into a pdf.

My world has too much paper. Yours probably does too. I want to go fully digital but that means preserving important paper records in some other form when possible. Scanit is a tool i've written to make that super easy. Sources are on git:

To use it, you can install via pip:

$ python install scanit

From there, you can start scanning documents with:

$ scanit some-file

This will scan one page from the first scanner it sees and turn it into a .pdf.

If you've got multiple documents in a row you'd like to scan, you can use:

$ scanit -n some-eight-page-document

Scanit will scan each page and process it in the background while you work the papers and the machine.

Hopefully this will become useful to someone besides me!