I'm excited to announce the 0.3.0 release of Perpetually Talking Online!

This is the third release of Perpetually Talking Online, an IRC frontend to Matrix. PTO implements an IRC daemon with the Matrix network as its backend allowing communities to turn their walled gardens into semipermeable membraned gardens.

This is a pre-1.0 release. The design of PTO is unstable until 1.0. This release contains a number of improvements and bugfixes:

  • Redacted messages do not cause a crash
  • This uses the new /sync API, fixing issues of dropped messages, latency, and server load.
  • The IRC parser has been made more robust for more clients
  • Backlogs are played back on connect
  • Anonymous logins are allowed as proof-of-concept, though you can't join a channel or anything else at all.
  • SSL handling is made more robust against DOSes
  • It is now harder to inadvertently include raw, confidential client logs in logging output. To recompile with logs, add --features raw_logs to your cargo command line.
  • By default, rust will output some useful logging and pick a sane default for RUST_LOG to aid in troubleshooting. To disable this, set RUST_LOG to "".

Many thanks to @ara4n for their contributions to support for redacted messages, and others for their bug reports and kind words!