Just Poly Things

This past weekend was Oakland's Eat Real Festival. Down at jack london square was a large event full of local foods and drinks. My day today started much earlier, around 10a as I'm biking up to the Berkely Thai Temple for brunch with some friends from QCCB, the burning man camp I went with.

Afterwards, a bit of electronics hacking where I started assembling a set of wind chimes that do not chime or have much to do with wind, but they sure are shiny.

In the process, I needed to fix up my laptop so as to have a working environment to program the Teensy 3.1 used. Some time ago, my laptop began reporting interesting errors about failed block seeks. My setup is an ext4 filesystem on two LVM logical volumes, with the entire volume group spanning across two luks encrypted SSDs.

After much debugging and even swapping around a hard drive, I figured out that this was a bug somewhere in the fedora installer. My kernel configuration listed:

linux16 /vmlinuz-4.1.6-200.fc22.x86_64 root=/dev/mapper/fedora-root ro rd.luks.uuid=4f98d785-a0c8-46cc-889a-89f15b05a3fb rd.lvm.lv=fedora/root rd.lvm.lv=fedora/swap rhgb quiet LANG=en_US.UTF-8

The solution was to add a second rd.luks.uuid argument listing the uuid of my second harddrive. Apparently that was never put in by the fedora installer, as all my previous kernel entries were missing it. Interestingly enough, LVM didn't seem to actually care that the disk was missing until it started to try and write to it.

Right, I went to the real eats festival with R after that had been solved. Much delicious food was had. A fancy smore with the marshmallow toasted with a pastry torch on the spot, a seitan burger with sprinkle pancake buns, and yeah, some good wines. Afterwards we went to see the MADE, a place I had never been in before. Such a fantastic place.

At the end of the day, I headed to Noisebridge to put together the last bits of the current iteration of my chimes project, take note on improvements, and order some more parts. At some point this will likely go into AutoCAD, designs published, and more made.

All through this, I'm enjoying happy thoughts about the interesting world I live in now, and the people close to me. One year since moving and its all still working out somehow.