Hi. This is a new blog. My old content is all backed up and put on ice, for now. This one is made with Pelican, instead of WordPress.

For quite some time, I had been Seeking a creative output for quite some time that wasn't tied down to any one particluar community, such as KDE, Collabora, SYNHAK, whatnot. Of course, not being content with other hosting providers, I've decided to reclaim the previously neglected noosphere that is hackerbots.net, previously known as wm161.net.

I've inverted my view about the 'net in the past few months, regarding commenting and the kind of issues that low effort commenting brings about. As such, comments are not present here. Feel free to send me a mail though.

Over time I hope to fill this with various and sundry ramblings about the city of Akron, Ohio, Linux, free software, hackerspace theory, and to act as a soapbox in general.