This past weekend I tried streaming some Elite Dangerous on [my twitch](, but OBS couldn't keep up.

After a bit of digging, it turns out that Windows 10 will quietly throttle GPU usage to anything that isn't in the foreground when usage goes over 95% or so. The fix here is, perhaps not so obviously, to run OBS as an administrator.

Of course, I only discovered this an hour into my playthrough and just before I was done streaming for the day.

ED really hammers my GPU when I'm on the surface of a planet, turning my stream into a 0.5 FPS slideshow. Awful stuff, but I'm not yet at the point in my life where I could drop some cash on a fancy new RTX card, alas.

Lessons learned for next time.

In other life news, I went and found the [Berlin Fahrradmarkt]( across the water in Mitte, near Alexanderplatz. It was a rainy day so turnout wasn't outrageous, but I certainly saw some good bikes I'd like to try out next month. I still need to get myself a backup commuter that I can use whenever my folder isn't working. At some point this year I'll undoubtedly find access to a sandblaster and paint booth, which would let me give Cheryl a shiny new rebuild and coat of paint, something that is nearly a decade overdue at this point.

Next week is payday, where I supposedly shall see the fruits of this long-foretold annual bonus and pay raise, at which point I'll be able to pay down some things and invest in the material side of life, with getting a rug for my room, kitting out an electronics lab, upgrading my bike, and many other things.