I recently had the opportunity to meet a wonderful bunch of people in the hills of Northern California and the subject of Spiral Dynamics arose.

Today's global unrest is what I feel to be in fact the nasty, brutish process by which we cannabalize the previous society as a means to build the next one.

Pardon the dust, if you will.

Up until now, mainstream society has relied on the empirical truth. Tomorrow's society will instead be organized around many empirical truths, each coexisting with another. Many different authorities charged with stewardship of some certain domain, each interdependent and interacting upon one another. This isn't to say, of course, that every such truth must be brought forward with us into this brave new world.

For example, the sacrosanct practice of deferring to landowners--and even then, only those with the longest land tenure--as the only valid source of truth for urban community decisions.

The anarchosyndicalist city doesn't need to ask if it want high quality, accessable, universal public transit service that reaches every corner of the urban fabric. It instead asks how it will work. An exclusive, gated community that doesn't want to participate in a redistributive future is an inevitable situation; it is also unreasonable to support. Yet we consider their right to Local Control in all things municipal a foregone conclusion. So we get the city of Atherton, California filing a lawsuit against The Entire State Of California, stalling and delaying statewide high speed rail. As of this writing, the median household income of Atherton was $443,401, putting them safely within the top 1% of incomes nationwide. The average home value in Atherton increased by $3,630,000 since 2009, far greater than the lawsuit's legal costs in the same time period.

The empirical structure we've inherited from generations past is straining to cope with this situation of immense financial power blocking far greater public benefit for personal gain. We are in the progress of creating a better world by rebuilding and sometimes dismantling its institutions for our own use in a broader, more distributed society. Land ownership is owed the later. Monopoly over location in space--the ultimate non-renewable resource--is the least compatible with even the tamest proposals of collectivization.

And yet, here we are.

A dual power structure must be created. If only because it is the intermediate step towards a third, and a fourth, and so on. Community Land Trusts. The CASA Compact. Noisebridge buying its own building. Inertia is building behind our backs; society will instead fly off the cliff we seem so assuredly running at and take flight into new spaces, if we choose to.

Let a million red and black flowers go forth and bloom; with great care, we will prune the weeds.