This is a summary of the projects I am currently working on. It is periodically updated, much like one would traditionally see in an old-fashioned .plan file.

East Bay Forward

"The housing shortage is not an unintended policy failure. The Bay Area has a housing shortage because of decades of voting and organizing against housing. The solution is to organize for housing."

These are the words of the Yes In My Backyard movement. Originally based in the City of San Francisco, the YIMBY movement is a push back against decades of anti-growth policies, planning, and public sentiment. I too am a renter, so I and other friends took it upon ourselves to bring the YIMBY movement to the cities of the East Bay with the founding of East Bay Forward <>.

East Bay Forward is a grassroots organization that advocates for building more, increased density, disincentivizing housing as an investment, an end to displacement, and long-term planning. We are learning from the mistakes of redlining, community destruction, remnants of "urban renewal", Propisition 13 and so much more. We say yes to moving the East Bay forward.

My role within East Bay Forward is an organizer of people. I coordinate turnout for direct action, letter writing, canvasing, Getting Out the Vote and whatever else might get thrown my way. My years of experience with cat herding in both corporate and anarchist environments give me a unique effectiveness on how to build a team, lead us to success, and get it done - no matter what we set out to do.


If you're a sysadmin or engineer and you think to yourself "I need a wiki for this project", MediaWiki will usually come to mind followed by recoiling at the thought of configuring and running some PHP application that shows its age and complexity.

SpaceWiki is an attempt to do the wiki pattern but with a few improvements. Key features:

  • Markdown syntax
  • The familiar [[Wiki Link Syntax]] that we all know and love
  • Softlinks for organic content discovery and 'tagging'
  • As minimal as possible; You should be able to do ./ runserver and be running a modern wiki.
  • Tripcodes as pseudo-anonymous author identifiers - No need to hash passwords, store them in a database, and worry about having the database leaked


In 2014 I moved 3,000 miles from Akron, Ohio to San Francisco, California.

Since then I've been involved with Noisebridge, the hackerspace out here. My contributions were focused on the reboot process. During this, the space was closed for the month of July while we caught up on the last 5 years of entropy growth. This involved me finally being able to use my carpentry and general construction skills to my hearts content while walls are dismantled and reassembled, electrical work is handled, and floors are sanded.

Today, Noisebridge is a healthy, active community that inspires thousands every month to indulge in relentless creativity and self expression.